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About the Whiteboard Framework for WordPress

Whiteboard is a true WordPress framework, designed to speed up development time without the need to write or remove any excess code.

Whiteboard encompasses many universal needs and consolidates them all into one compact package that is perfect for developers and designers alike – allowing anyone to develop their own unique and powerful WordPress powered website. With the Whiteboard Framework for WordPress, it is no longer nessesary to rewrite the same code and WordPress functions, mobile versions, dynamic classes and divs, or improve SEO. Whiteboard’s strong, widely-used, and well-established structure takes care of all that and more.

Save time and build a better website by using Whiteboard to build your next WordPress-powered website.

Responsive Web Design

The idea behind Less Framework is to present visitors with a website tailored to the device they are using. If visitors load a website using their desktop computer the experience will be custom tailored for that sized screen. Similarly, if they load it on their iPhone or Smartphone they will view the same website but with a different layout, custom tailored for their device. A nice example of this practice is Stephen Caver’s website.

Further reading can be found on A List Apart or on Less Framework.

Framework Features

  • Free and Open Source – Use it for commercial and non-commercial projects
  • Reduces total development time
  • Built with the Less Framework for an instant mobile website
  • Comes with a minimalist theme
  • Strong and flexible div structure for easy development and diverse usage
  • More dynamic Classes and IDs than any other WordPress Framework
  • Lightweight and well noted for a shallow learning curve
  • Cross browser compatible with all major browsers
  • strong Search Engine Optimization, including dynamic content, tags, titles, and more
  • Follows the Web Accessibility Initiative for easy access by visitors with disabilities
  • Simple CSS3 Animations with graceful degradation
  • Follows WordPress’ CSS and PHP Coding Standards
  • Fully Compatible with WordPress 3.0 and up
  • Includes fallbacks for older versions of WordPress (but seriously, don’t use them – upgrade WordPress!)
  • Comes with a Child Theme ready to go
  • and much much more…

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Removing the Theme and/or Less Framework

It is extremely easy to remove Whiteboard’s generic theme and/or Less Framework if your WordPress project does not require either but still wish to use the Whiteboard framework.

Simply remove the corresponding line of CSS. They are located right above the styles.css call which is right before the wp_head(); call which is right before the closing head tag.

Removing the Generic Theme and Less Framework

Installing the Whiteboard Framework

Download, unzip, and upload Whiteboard to your WordPress install’s /wp-content/themes/ directory. Activate the theme through the ‘Appearance’ menu in WordPress. Yes, it’s that easy.

Need a little more clarity? Here’s a WordPress video on how to install WordPress themes.

Switching from Less Framework 3 to 4

We have chosen to stick withe Less Framework 3 as the primary mobile layout for Whiteboard. However, due to requests we have added Less Framework 4. Switching between the two is very easy. Simply find “lessframework.css” and change it to “lessframework4.css”

Upgrading from Less Framework 3 to Less Framework 4

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